Testing Automation Compliance Observability

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TACO can apply and monitor auditing policies across all infrastructure environments.

Testing Automation Compliance Observability (TACO) is a continuous compliance auditing tool that provides visibility on a compliance and infrastructure dashboard. The compliance auditing metrics provides you, at a glance, a real-time view of your overall infrastructure compliance status in a single dashboard.

Automation of continuous compliance auditing allows best in class governance practices without hindering agile requirements. TACO can apply auditing policies to your organisation’s overall infrastructure environment. TACO covers compliance frameworks like CIS, POPI and GDPR, to name a few.

Risk assessment management

Identify, analyse and evaluate to assess risk profile for compliance management

Compliance Frameworks

Understand Industry standard compliance frameworks and security frameworks for a successful roadmap

Auditing policies and dashboards

Review reports on your infrastructure and compliance status in real-time

Cloud and On Premise Environments

Cloud, on premise or hybrid audit your Infrastructure Environments and Operating Systems

Continuous Compliance

Auditing and compliance management requires ongoing monitoring for best in class standards.

Investing in a tool like TACO will help your organisation achieve a fully automated virtual private cloud, infrastructure and security architecture. Provision new environments in minutes with an auditing configuration with a standard configuration in minutes. Apply industry standard compliance frameworks and security to your server and environment. Obsidian Systems has developed its compliance with auditing policies that are a collection of our experience and expertise. Replace downtime with High Availability and a resilient ecosystem that minimises outages. Experience zero data losses.

Compliance auditing policies and dashboards

Industry standard compliance frameworks and security frameworks

Obsidian-crafted compliance auditing policies allow for the application of industry-standard compliance frameworks and security to your infrastructure environment. The compliance auditing policies gives you better visibility of your infrastructure environment compliance against these listed compliance frameworks. The compliance auditing policies will feed compliance reports into your overall compliance auditing efforts.

Infrastructure Environments and Operating Systems

TACO implements continuous compliance auditing on all your infrastructure environments whether cloud or on premise.

Compliance auditing and compliance management

TACO assists organisations with information security governance and security compliance, risk assessment and risk management, compliance auditing and compliance management of all your infrastructure environments at the tips of your fingers by applying a handful of relevant compliance profiles and compliance benchmarks to all your servers.