TACO – CIS Benchmarks


and CIS benchmarks

The Obsidian Systems Testing Automation Compliance Observability (TACO) tool is a continuous security compliance auditing tool. It provides an organisation with visibility into the adherence to compliance frameworks through a single pane of glass.

Using the tool, companies can better understand industry-standard compliance and security frameworks and develop a successful roadmap for accomplishing this. TACO ships with 400 built-in CIS benchmarks to cater for virtually any organisational environment.

These CIS benchmarks provide baseline guidance on which the TACO solution is built. It is further enhanced through best practice built up on the uniquely South African market conditions and delivers the flexibility required to introduce new elements as market conditions change.

Currently, organisations rely on auditing firms to assist in compliance auditing. But it inevitably results in the question ‘who watches the watchers?’ With TACO, companies have an independent verification tool to ensure that what is being said from a security benchmarking perspective is adhered to.

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