TACO – Security


Security automation, security audits, and security compliance

The Obsidian Systems Testing Automation Compliance Observability (TACO) is a continuous security compliance auditing tool that provides your organisation with complete visibility through an integrated dashboard.

Using TACO, we enable you to create the framework and methodology required to test your compliance levels in a unified manner. This innovative framework delivers an automated environment which can redefine how your organisation approaches security audits and related compliance measures.

TACO elevates CIS Benchmarks by providing your organisation with a clearly-defined way to drive compliance. Of course, this framework is not a silver bullet which you can implement and forget about it. But it does provide you with the methodology you need to drive compliance in an automated manner throughout the business.

Because it is structured around managing compliance on a development level, you can write all your compliance code using TACO. The framework tests it to ensure your business ticks the boxes. Even better, you do not need to be a developer to do it. Its intuitive interface makes the process as user-friendly as possible.

Security, like so many other integral functions in the organisation, must be consistently provisioned and organic in its implementation. As the IT environment grows and leverages more innovative technology, so too must your security audits become more dynamic and adapt to requirements. Fortunately, TACO can speak to any security environment wherever it is, in the cloud or hosted on-premise on legacy infrastructure.

Our focus is on making your security audits seamless. We provide the checklist so you can manage the remediation. TACO enforces Best Practice to eliminate the risk of security misconfigurations.

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