Data Compliance

Data Compliance

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What is TACO?

Data Access Governance

Ensure that you have control of your data’s complete lifecycle. Including availability, integrity, and security.

Active Directory Security

Let us handle your active directory services and manage your users, applications, data, and other aspects of your Hybrid IT infrastructure.

Detect security threats

Monitor your IT infrastructure to detect any potential security threats in order to act quickly and mitigate your risks.

Privilege Management

Reduce access control and privileges on a per-user, group, application, or business rule for better governance and compliance practices.

Data Discovery

Have the visibility of data from various sources to be able to evaluate collection points, and detect and breaches in security.

Data Classification

To meet your data classification policies mapped to your organisation and privacy policies you can secure and create permission rights for public, confidential or personal information.

Encryption & Masking

Limit your data breaches with encryption codes to secure your data or utilise data masking that obfuscates your data.

Monitoring & Reporting

Have alerts and monitoring of critical infrastructure for your business peace of mind that will keep you updated and ensure you are getting the most of your IT assets.


Troubleshoot and act with updated reporting and monitoring of your IT infrastructure from your dashboard and have updated visibility at your convenience.

Workflow/Process Automation

Manage all your processes and assets from a single platform the integrates with your infrastructure, applications, and tools.


Monitor your structured data for the full lifecycle.


Monitor your unstructured data for the full lifecycle.


Secure your remote computing devices as part of your hybrid IT infrastructure including desktops, laptops, handheld devices, edge computing systems, and till points.