Managed Services

Managed Services

Obsidian offers the following Managed Service systems retainer features which can be selected per node.

Basic Monitoring

You don't have a monitoring tool
Improve your monitoring services
Update to a modernised service
Feature-rich toolsets available

Enterprise Monitoring

Monitor Hybrid IT infrastructure
Access enterprise-ready feature-rich toolsets
Ensure enterprise-wide compliance
For total peace of mind observability


Identify problems before they occur
Be notified when problems arise
Provide trend analysis

On-demand Updates

Apply vendor-supplied updates
You are responsible for subscriptions
Updates are applied system-wide
Only available updates are applied

Managed Updates

Apply vendor-supplied updates
You are responsible for subscriptions
A phased approach for updates eg. Development, Test, Quality
Assurance and Production environments updated per your policies
You can select which available updates must be applied to each system for consistent patch levels
Managed updates provide a standardised operating environment


Break-fix support done on existing environments
General troubleshooting
Technical support will be provided telephonically, via email, via remote response, or through an on-site resource


Place your operating system or application on our Monitor retainer for you to identify problems before they occur, get notifications when issues arise and provide trend analysis.


Subscriptions to software updates may be applied in two ways. On-demand Updates can include vendor-supplied updates and subscriptions. Manage updates where systems update on a phased-in according to your needs.


Back up and store your data securely, after data loss, deletion, or corruption. Rest assured with disaster recovery solutions by geographic dispersion, with security layers for portability.


Obsidian’s Continuous Compliance as a Service (TACO) offers a single pane of glass with an overview of your company’s compliance posture. TACO offers continuous automated security and compliance with the benefits of “as a service”. The customer is provided with a dashboard that offers a consolidated compliance overview of either a certain environment or an entire estate.

Continuous monitoring of your environment against 400+ predefined security benchmarks (e.g. CIS, Stig etc.).

Live Dashboard reflecting a maximum of 3 months worth of data.

Real-time compliance status of all your servers and applications via a single dashboard

Facts are collected and analysed every 20 minutes (or as required).

The solution supports both cloud and on-Prem resources.

Support for Unix, Linux, Solaris, macOS and Windows.

Service Level

Complete support

Gold Retainer

24x7 availability​

Direct consultant access

2 hours to remote response

Premium support

Silver Retainer

12x7 availability (08:00 – 20:00)​

Direct consultant access

2 hours to remote response

Regular support

Bronze Retainer

Office hours availability (08:00 – 17:00)​

Call centre access

4 hours to remote response

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