MSP – Managed Service Provider

Services Provider

More compliant, secure and SLA managed IT infrastructure

Outsourced Services were all the rage in the 2000s when everyone jumped on the bandwagon, from central services to various business functions within the organisation. Is this still a trend? Should we be taking a different look at the benefits of outsourcing in the context of Obsidian Systems?

In principle, to be reliant on someone outside of the safety of your organisation may leave some people feeling a sense of discomfort or powerless.

If anything Obsidian Systems' managed services allow you to feel more empowered than ever to embrace the rapidly changing world within the Digital Transformation and IT realms.
"Obsidian managed services is like employing a team of highly technical specialists including an infrastructure manager, infrastructure administrator, infrastructure support team, automation specialist, backed by a best-of-breed hybrid IT management platform, 24 hours a day at a fraction of the cost."


Compliance as a service

Monitoring as a service

Node and Service Management

Infrastructure and DevOps

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