Managed Services

Outsourced IT
Managed Services

We are an extension of your IT team responsible for infrastructure, application, database and log management for all your IT management needs. Our role is to keep you infrastructure compliant, secure, updates and patched, for on-premise, cloud or edge solutions.

Our managed services deliver:

"Obsidian managed services are like employing a team of highly technical specialists and includes an infrastructure manager, infrastructure administrator, infrastructure support team, and automation specialist, backed by a best-of-breed hybrid IT management platform, 24 hours a day at a fraction of the cost."

Linux Managed Services

Obsidian is an open-source specialist and we have best-of-breed toolsets to support the configuration, compliance, security of your full link estate, including the applications and databases running on it.

Infrastructure & DevOps

We automate the provisioning, configurations, updates, patches and maintenance of your infrastructure, applications and databases.
This is done by utilising DevOps pipeline automation tools that access our infrastructure as Code and DevOps pipeline repository that contains all our best practices.
You access this via our TACO Hybrid IT Management Platform.


Continuous monitoring of your environment against 400+ predefined compliance and security benchmarks based on the CIS and Obsidian best practice standards.
Live Dashboard reflecting a maximum of 12 months worth of data.
Real-time compliance status of all your servers, applications and databases via a single dashboard.
Facts are collected and analysed every 20 minutes (or as required).
The solution supports both cloud, on-premise and desktop/laptop resources.
Support for Unix, Linux, Solaris, macOS and Windows.


Select which servers, VMs, containers, pods and edge devices you want to monitor and which services on each of those.
Select which applications and databases you want to monitor.
License utilisation monitoring.
Automated deployment and configuration of monitoring services.
See all your monitoring stats in a central view across all the selected services.
For options see: Monitoring and Observability.


Select which servers, VMs, containers, pods and edge devices, desktops/laptops and applications and databases you want to be backed up.
We link it in with our automated backup service and provide a dashboard that reports on the posture of your backups.


Get access to IT asset management capability that includes: Autodiscovery on the configured infrastructure of connected endpoints like physical servers, hypervisors, cloud, network devices, applications, screens, virtualization software, routers, switches.
Listing of information on the discovered items in the CMDB.
Editing and updating the discovered items in the CMDB with additional information.
Generate a dependency map of the items on the network.
Updating of the dependency map.
Integration with DevOps tools like Chef, Ansible, Puppet to automate the pull of information from your IT environment.


Management of your end-to-end infrastructure environment using person and machine.
Use your tools or we bring our own.
Activities include:
Linux and Windows Certified Administrator.
Redhat, SuSe, Centos, Ubuntu and Debian experts.
Upgrade and patching of operating systems and kernels.
Installation of third party software.
Setup new environments.
SSL certification management.
Access and permission management.
Licence management.
Backup and disaster recovery.

Managed Services Retainers




Apply vendor-supplied updates system-wide. Only available updates are applied. Your subscriptions must be up to date, and we have a sales team that can assist you with that.


On-Demand + is a phased approach for updates for example, development, test, Quality Assurance and production environments updated per your preset policies. You control and select which available updates are applied, to each system for consistent patch levels. Managed updates provide a standardised operating environment.


Break-fix support is provided on existing environments. Includes general troubleshooting with technical support provided telephonically, via email, via remote response, or through an on-site resource.

Monitoring and Observability

Automate the configuration, deployment and scalability of monitoring tools for your infrastructure, applications and databases to deliver on end-to-end enterprise observability.
Monitor the uptime and performance of applications and databases to see how it fits into the overall business observability posture.
Log Management
Provide structure to ingested and processed log files in order to analyse and explore log data in a more meaningful way.

Real-time alerting

Standard log-based metrics

Custom metrics

Service Level Agreements

Complete support

Gold Retainer

24x7 availability​

Direct consultant access

2 hours to remote response

Service Desk Portal

SLA Reporting

TACO Platform Access

Premium support

Silver Retainer

12x7 availability (08:00 – 20:00)​

Direct consultant access

2 hours to remote response

Service Desk Portal

SLA Reporting

TACO Platform Access

Regular support

Bronze Retainer

Office hours availability (08:00 – 17:00)​

Call centre access

4 hours to remote response

Service Desk Portal

SLA Reporting

TACO Platform Access

Engagement Approach

Assess and Recommend

Benchmark where you are at by reviewing your existing IT infrastructure setup as well as chatting about your strategy. Based on this we can do recommendations for improvement and onboarding.


Your existing infrastructure management is connected to our TACO hybrid IT management platform.

Each node (server, VM, container, edge device, application and database) and associated services to manage are set up and configured.


All onboarded infrastructure is visible within TACO with real-time dashboards to show you how your infrastructure is performing:

  • Compliance
  • Monitoring
  • Service Levels

We maintain, update, modify, monitor and report on all your connected servers, VMs, containers, edge devices, applications and databases)
New infrastructure and services can be requested via the TACO hybrid IT management platform.
Get an online estimate/quote of new environments and services you want to add.

Recommend and Evolve

We use your performance metrics to proactively improve, recommend and evolve your infrastructure in line with the needs of your business.
This could also include cost optimisation services for your infrastructure.

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