Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Karl Fischer

Karl Fischer’s passion started with Linux. He is leading the Automation Team that manages TACO and SmarterCode. His strive to strive for DevOps and Agile goals in real life translate into his technical knowledge for everything regarding code. Where there is a new and better way to do things, Karl will be the first to try it out so that everyone else benefits.

Calwyn Baldwin

Calwyn Baldwin is a Technical Consultant and has played a vital role in the TACO team-building skills, knowledge and implementation of automation tools for code and compliance. With a great foundation, he is certified for Red Hat, Rancher, Hashicorp and Chef and a go-to expert when it comes to doing things better, faster and consistently.

Martin Liebenberg

Martin Liebenberg is leading the Managed Services team for Obsidian Systems. He is an Open Source Consultant certified in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Virtualization and Cloud Computing. With over seven years of experience in Open Source Technologies, he wins over teams and keeps the critical wheels moving.